When buying a home, one of the first decisions we have to make is the following: new or second-hand? Without a doubt, the safest and most reliable choice is the first one.

In this article, we are going to explain the most important points that make buying a new home a safe bet, as opposed to the uncertainty generated by second-hand homes, of which we can only know what the owners tell us and what we see at first glance.

Getting a home should not be left to chance.



When you buy a newly built house, you are usually buying it as part of a residential complex. This means that it will be several houses that differ from each other in small details. This variety is the main benefit of buying new: you can choose, within a style, which home best suits you and your family. Perhaps you are more interested in a duplex than a bungalow, or you want to have all the space of a triplex or a villa.

When you buy new, you choose what type of building you will live in for the rest of your life.




Another advantage of a new build, if you buy it during the construction phase, is that you can see how it is born and grows. This will give you certainty about the materials and construction techniques that will be applied, and you will have the utmost certainty that everything has been done to the quality standards you expect in a new build.

But whether you see how it is built or not, there is one thing that will always happens in a new build purchase: you will be the one who opens the home for the first time. No one will have been there before, which means that the materials and finishes will be as good as the first day, ready to welcome you and your loved ones.




It is undeniable that building technologies and materials are advancing in quality and features as time goes by. Therefore, buying a newly built home will ensure one thing: that the home will be energy efficient. You will spend less money maintaining the house, and temperatures will be more pleasant in both summer and winter. Something that, if you had to achieve in a second-hand home, would cost you a lot of money in renovations. Renovations that, sometimes, could not even be carried out.




Another advantage of new construction is in the interior design. As the first owner, you will be the one to dictate how the house will look on the inside. You will be able to distribute the spaces to your liking, placing the furniture that best suits your philosophy of life. You will not have to remove used furniture, nor will you have to cover up holes made by other people.

With a newly built home, you will have a blank canvas on which to express your personality.




Undoubtedly, one of the most outstanding advantages. Newly built housing is not an expense, but an investment. When you buy it at the time of construction, its value will remain unchanged, and will even be increased by the development of the environment. You will be the first to acquire a property that, in the future, will be priced well above its initial price.

And that gives a lot of peace of mind.




Another fundamental point of the new construction. You will not depend on the trust of the old owners to know that the property you are buying has no habitability problems. As it is a new construction, it is the promoter who guarantees that the construction meets all quality standards and that you will never have any problems of any kind.

It is like buying a car. A second-hand car can be checked by an independent mechanic, but we still don’t know how much use it has actually been put to. With a new car, the dealer guarantees you for years knowing that you will be the first owner.




Perhaps one of the points that is least considered when purchasing a property, but undoubtedly one of the most important in the long term.

When you buy a new home, you will be doing the same as all the other tenants in the residential complex. And you will be doing it at the same time. And almost certainly for the same reasons (facilities, qualities, surroundings…). This will make the profile of your new neighbours very similar to your own, which will create an immediate affinity.

Furthermore, unlike with second-hand homes, you will not be arriving at a closed community that already knows each other. In this case, you will be creating a community from scratch, where you will all be equal and determined to make the residential the most wonderful place in the world to live.




There are many advantages to buying a new home as opposed to buying second-hand. There will always be factors that can tip the balance towards one side or the other, but at Costa Cálida Promoters we are committed to homes that are owned from the moment the last coat of paint is applied. This is the only way to ensure that what you buy is what you get.

Be sure to take a look at the promotions we have active at the moment. Duplexes, triplexes, bungalows, villas… And all located in the best enclave of the Spanish peninsula (you can discover the benefits of the Spanish southeast in our previous article).

Your new home awaits you on the Costa Blanca!


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